Monday, 9 May 2016

Ameo powerbreather

Following the tri expo in March I was sent the Ameo powerbreather to try.  This is a snorkel with a difference.

Why use a snorkel for swim training?

You can focus just on technique and not worry about breathing.  If you struggle to get enough air in then using a snorkel helps.  I tend to only breath one side and notice that my shoulder on the other side works harder so using the snorkel evens things out.  


How is the powerbreather different?

The Ameo fresh air system means that you are always breathing in fresh air.  With a traditional snorkel you breath out then breath the same air back in. With the powerbreather fresh air comes in through the  the two tubes and used air goes out through the front part.

Due to the membrane there is a little resistance (a bit like the lung trainers asthmatics use) so your lungs get a workout.  This is not really that noticeable when using it.

Depending on the model you choose there are various attachments.  One which is longer for open water - I have not tried this yet as the lake is not warm enough! Another for doing tumble turns so the water doesn't get in -  I have not tried this yet as due to my running injury I am not allowed to do tumble turns! 


Once you know how it works it is very easy to fit.  The straps at the side can be adjusted to your size.  The tubes twist up and down when you take it on and off and the round bit (with the E on) at the back is tightened once you have it in place.  First few times I didn't tighten it enough so it kept wobbling around but when you get it in place and tightened properly it stays in place.  It is best to wear with a hat so your hair doesn't get tangled in it.

Why I love the powerbreather?

It has enabled me to focus on my arms doing front crawl and watch my hand entry without needing to turn my head every few stokes.   

I have always struggled with butterfly partly due to it being hard but partly due to not being able to get enough air in.  I have recently started doing butterfly again; it is stil hard but now I can get in all the air I need just focusing on what my arms are doing and trying to get those right.

I find that when wearing it I can totally zone out and drift off into a world of my own which is quiet therapeutic. 

Due to the membrane which provides some resistance to breathing my lungs are getting a bit of a bonus workout too without me really knowing it.   I find I can now quite comfortably breath every 6 rather than every 4 strokes due to being more efficient.

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